This Day in Women's Aviation

Today is Thursday, October 19, 2017 4:28 PM

1911 - Bozena Laglerova, 22, of Prague received her pilot license (No. 125) from the German Aero Club, after receiving No. 37 from the Austrian Aero Club just 9 days earlier. Just days later, she would suffer a serious crash, falling from 1500 meters, and be transported to a Prague hospital "with life-threatening injuries." After recovering, she would fly exhibitions and competitions for the next couple of years, making appearances in numerous German cities.

1968 - The founder of Animal Rescue Flights, Julia Ryan, was born. In March 2008, the Connecticut-based pilot would start ARF, a non-profit group of volunteers who transport neglected or abandoned dogs and cats from animal shelters where they face certain destruction to new homes across the country. Within just a few years, her group would include over 325 general aviation pilots who would fly pets more than 50,000 miles to new homes.

1987 - The book “The Fords” was released. It described the long-term illicit affair between Henry Ford and his secretary Evangeline Cote Dahlinger, 30 years his junior. She pushed the envelope for liberated women as one of Michigan’s first licensed aviatrixes, as well as a harness-racer and sharpshooter who carried a handgun in her purse. She bore an illegitimate son, John, who the Ford family never acknowledged.