Claire Bear Presents...The Pilot Alphabet

Written by Sue Hughes
Illustrated by Wang DaiYu of International Illustrators

The Pilot Alphabet Book Cover

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The Pilot Alphabet - Page Example  The Pilot Alphabet - Page Example  The Pilot Alphabet - Book Cover 
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Join Claire Bear (Ursus Aviatrix) as she journeys from Alfa to Zulu to present The Pilot Alphabet!

Claire Bear and her fellow pilots use this phonetic alphabet when they communicate on the radio with air traffic controllers or other pilots. Saying "Bravo," for example, makes it clear to everyone in the world that she means "B," not "D."

While Claire's daredevil aerobatics appeal to high-minded aspiring boy and girl pilots; her whimsical, lyrical approach will draw the attention of children of all interests. Moreover, Claire shows that girls can succeed in traditionally male-dominated arenas. This soft cover, 32-page book is recommended for ages 3 to 8.

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 Imaginative, educational, with very cute and well-thought-out illustrations to teach children the NATO alphabet. Aviators of all ages will enjoy and learn! 

- Julie W. Buscher, children's book author & editor

 A charming booklet that teaches the pilot alphabet with cues and illustrations. It will be useful not only for budding pilots, but for anyone trying to communicate with outsourced customer service reps in foreign lands. 

- Janet Guthrie, racing driver (retired) – Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500

 The illustrations and verses are just delightful. 

- Don Hopkins, Aurora, Colorado

 [My] 7 year old Kiara… and… 9 year old son Angus… have both been enjoying the discussion based around your book and spelling their own names. It was my daughter's suggestion to read this one in the car this morning after so enjoying Claire [Bear]'s First Solo yesterday. The only trouble is that for years I have been using the phonetic alphabet to send secret messages to their Mum that I did not want the kids to understand, such as "After the kids go to bed lets get a Sierra-Uniform-November-Delta-Alfa-Echo", but now I'm gonna have to think of a new code. They are on to me. Thanks. Like Claire Bear's First Solo, this book is fun and promoted another enjoyable discussion about aviation with my kids. I couldn't get nearly so interested if they were reading about horsies or knitting! Well done, and thank you.  

– Doug Worrall, airline pilot and cartoonist

  Pink is [my daughter's] favorite color and she loves teddy bears, so she was excited to see that the stories were about a bear who wears pink. We enjoyed the Alphabet book.  

– Toula M, Trumbull, Connecticut

  We bought the Pilot Alphabet book for our granddaughter's 3rd birthday and she loves it! However, we let her take it home. Now my husband wants one at our house so he can read it with her. We take her to our local airport, Buchanan Air Field in Concord regularly. She loves planes and helicopters. We are looking forward to reading the other books with her too. Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to female pilots and to children!  

– Sharon M, California

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